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+ no dnfi, i just don't follow back
+ i follow back if we share mutuals
+ like tweets if you can
+ everything is ok to rt
+ unfollow however you want
+ i mute unfollowers so i don't refollow

i don't bother with drama or subtweet any of my followers. i avoid tweeting common triggers & i check what mutuals need tagged.

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my name is ki
18 yrs, leo (07.23)
central chinese, studying in LA county
ENG = ok, 中文 = ok
bi, ♀ (they / them)

i'm currently pursuing an undergrad degree in business and interning at a law firm.

i have ocd & adhd; i don't talk about it. sometimes i'm political. i just really like oikawa tooru.

discord: ki#6901
snapchat: @kiss.vb
( insta )

+ haikyuu!!, bnha, fma:b
+ k-pop (BLACKPINK, BTS, NCT, Red Velvet)
+ osu!, pokeGO

+ volleyball
+ political science, criminology, & law
+ world culture & history
+ theology & philosophy
+ creative writing
+ high-end fashion & designers

if you tag me in these i'll give you my first-born child's soul.